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Improving ROCE of store estate. Reduction in costs associated with fulfilling online orders. Reduction in return rate and associated costs. Reduction in merchant fees. Ability to conduct micro-regional marketing. Ability to react in real-time to events in respect of pricing (surge pricing). Access to the social media platform for regional influencers Cost wise Jetz-t is very reasonable- Joining the app is 200 ($250) per annum and a flat fee of 2($2.50) per order (0 for orders below 15 ($12)). Additional costs include one-off fees for supporting the creation of product data and integration with existing online stores, these however are optional. Jetz-t maintains a network of delivery partners and Atkinson is quick to point out that all partners are offered the option of employed and self-employed status. He goes on to explain that We are fortunate that our micro-focus means that delivery options are extended to foot and public transport deliveries, alongside the more common methods of bike, motorbike, car, van etc, this extends the scope of individual whom can become a delivery partner for Jetz-t.

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